Need a Rental?

Thinking about Renting or your next Vacation?

Furnished rentals are a unique area of specialty in the world of rentals and property management. Most often, these properties are rented "seasonally", meaning they are rented in winter months to people looking to escape the cold, dreary weather in other parts of the country, but may also be rented in non-winter months to people looking for short term housing while in transition from one home to another or perhaps in the Valley for a temporary work assignment. Rental rates will vary depending on the time of year the property is leased and/or the length of the rental. Some properties can even be leased for a year or longer. I manage a variety of furnished properties to suite many different needs.

Unfurnished rentalsare the more traditional type of rental where the renter brings his/her own furnishings, and is usually leasing for a minimum of 12 months. Throughout the year, I handle a number of unfurnished properties, but since they usually rent quickly, you will not find a lot of listings at any one time on our site. Once a property is leased, it's removed. However, I have unlimited access to properties for lease through the Multiple Listing Service and are always happy to do a search for you.